Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day Party Makeup

When it comes to day makeup we always think what to wear on eyes to look gorgeous and also according to the function we are going to. Specially when it is day function or party so you don't overdo but whatever do look best on you. So I came up with a great eye makeup for day party. Adding glitter to your eye makeup takes your basic day look to the next level for a special event. Why  stick to neutral safe makeup? Experiment with your looks and get that trendsetter title.

1- Apply primer on eye lid and loose powder, then use white eye shadow on whole eye lid.
2- On outer corner of eyes use light purple eye shadow.
3- For matching the exact color with my saree I used pink eye shadow on purple eye shadow to get that specific color. You can also mix eyeshadow to get that exact color to match. This is what I do.. :)
4- Here I used gold glitters from inner corner to center of eye lid. I didn't use loads of glitter but a very little amount of it to get that gorgeous look.
5- With eye brush swipe on gold glitters to mix up with eye shadow and get that smooth look.
6- Highlight brow bone with very light pink eye shadow and apply kajal and eye liner as shown in picture below. 

with flash
I achieved a different look for day party and I am happy with it.
Hope you ladies also like it.
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