Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beauty Tip : Add Volume To Your Hair Roots

Hi Everyone!
Today is Sunday and I am here again with a beauty tip. This week's tip is How to add volume to your roots after styling.
There are a bunch of products to add volume, but what if you have one of those days where you style your hair, only to realize that it's falling flat around the roots. Then what? Then you employ this little tip.

What we use to give volume is a Volume spray but that's not all, we should do it correctly.
1. Part the top section of your hair.
2. Spritz hairspray along the part line.

3. Dry the hairspray in (really important, hairspray must be dried in for it to work) by using a cool or warm heat (Dryer).

4. Repeat those steps about a cm in towards the center part line.

Result - Repeat 2-3 times and you'll get great root lift.

Hope you all find it useful. :)



  1. Thanks, I am going to use this tip for sure:)

  2. Wow you are soo pretty we love reading your blog please add us att and thnx for the tip well be sure to use it

  3. @Bianca and Stephani
    Thank you so much Bianca...yeah sure ..I'll check your blog..:)


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