Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Awesome Peacock Makeup

Season is rainy-rainy and this season is of peacock. So tried an eye look with peacock colors. These colors are so vibrant like blues, teals and olive greens. Peacock makeup is best for costume party.
Collect few colors from nature to try this look..just kidding.
You will need -

  • Primer
  • White Eyeshadow
  • Blue Eyeshadow
  • Green Eyeshadow
  • Glittered White Eyeshadow

Prepare the base with primer or foundation so that your eyeshadow will look more pigmented.
Apply white eyeshadow on eyelid and brow bone.

Then use Bright blue eyeshadow on eye lid.
On crease, use green eyeshadow and blend well with blue eyeshadow.
Apply highlighter very glittered one which bright up your eyes.
 Also apply green & blue eyeshadow on lower lash line.

Lastly, apply loads of mascara and define eye brow.Viola
Hope you guys love it.

Lots of  Love..

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