Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Makeup : Golden Girl

The expression of "smoky eye" typically describes a palette of charcoals and grays, there's no reason not to create this super-glamorous look with other hues.
I love the eye brightening effects of gold, copper, and bronze shades -- all done up in the traditional smokey manner.
These colors have light diffusing properties that cast a golden glow and they're also m0re youthful and modern. Just remember the golden rule of shimmer : Younger, taut lids can handle more shimmer, while mature, wrinkled lids require less.

What to Use
1. Three golden hues for highlighting, contouring, and lining.                  
2. Mascara.
3. A good Smudge Brush for blending and adding depth.
4. Eyeliner in Bronze.

How to Do It

Step 1: With a shadow brush, lightly tap a highlighter color, such as a pale gold, on the brow bone.

 Step 2: Next dab a contour color, bronze shadow, along the crease. Mature lids look better with a matte shadow instead of one with shimmer.

 Step 3: Run the darkest color, such as a rich copper, along the upper lash line with a smudge brush, whose dense bristles create the perfect line.

  Step 4: Time to blend! Every color should meet and slightly overlap. Use smudge brush to smooth the darkest color over the lid, blending it into the crease color. Dust off the brush again and blend the color from the crease to the brow bone.

Step 5: Run a bronze eyeliner pencil all around the eye. Soften the line with a smudge brush and then sweep it along the lower lash line.
Step 6: Finally, apply kajal (optional) and end with a few coats of mascara to show it all off!

  • Use Coral or light brown lipstick to team up with this look.



  1. Very beautifully done. I mostly wear this combo myself :)

  2. @ Nivedita - Thanks golden girl. :)

    @ Saru - Thanks a ton Saru. How you doing?

  3. ur makeup looks amazing. Ur eyes looks beautiful :)

  4. @ indianmakeupways - Thanks a ton darling. :)

  5. Wow love the color!! nice post about winter make up tips i like your post and your eyes looking so beautiful thanks for sharing with us valuable post.

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