Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eye Look - Deep Purple

Hello Butterflies!
Last day of 2011 and we all are getting ready for the new year party. So here is the New Eve's party look. I choose purple to be the main color. It's kind of smokey eye look.

How to get this look -

  • As first step I applied a copper shade on my eye lids (blend through the lash line to the crease).

  •  Take your deep purple eye shadow and just pop it on center of eyelid and blend it.

  •  With the help of angled brush apply black eye shadow on upper lash line.

  •  A bit more black color on outer v-corner of eye to make it more dense. 

  •  Blend all the colors and apply fake eye lashes.

  • Now apply black or blue eyeliner on upper lash line. I used a delicate swipe of black eyeshadow on lower lash line.
  • Then add loads of black mascara and you're done with the eyes.

I love Pink. And light pink lip color is nice to wear with bold eyes. You can also wear nude or clear lip-gloss with the bold eyes.

Like it? Love it? Or ?

   Lot's of x's & o's


  1. I loved it..You done it with perfection ..btw what you used it lip?..pretty pink color

  2. @ Siri - Thank you so much Siri. Actually I didn't use any color on my lips, I only applied red lip liner and smudge it and got this beautiful pink shade with gloss. :) <3

  3. love the look will try it out today for the party.....<3

  4. @makeup chic - Thanks dear. Sure. try it.

  5. Very simple and classy look!

    Happy New Year Sweets <3 XOXO


  6. Very nicely done!!!

  7. You are looking like a diva in this look...Love it!

  8. pretty! x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from fox house if you'd like to check it out. :)

  9. very nice Vertu :)...which mascara is this ?

  10. gorgeous eyes, happy new year!!

  11. @ Megha Sarin - Thank you so much Megha. wish you the same. <3

    @ Suhani - Thanks a ton Suhani. WElcome to my blog.

    @ Saru - :$ Thank you sooooo much Saru. Love <3

    @ devorelebeaumonstre. - Thanks swts. I'll check out your GA. :)

    @ Ayantika - :star thank you so much. I used Visions freaking amazing mascara. :)

    @ Nina - Thanks. :) Wish you the same sweety.


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