Friday, December 23, 2011

Best Lip Colors For Dusky Skin

Lipstick can add a glamour to the simple or stylish look. However, many women have a difficult time choosing their best lipstick color. The skin/complexion can make it confusing to choose the best colour which blends well with the skin tone. 
If, nude colors can make you look dull and spoil the glossy evening look. So, which lip colours are ideal for dark skin women?

Best Lip Colors For Dusky Skin :

Red: Go for simple glossy red color to get the juicy lips and add sensuality to the dark skin colour. Wine red and dark red are ideal lip colors for dark skin women. You can apply and carry both formal as well as the informal look with style!

Pink: Go for light pink lip color which Rihanna carried off well at an event. Don't apply lip liner. Let the colour blend with the natural lip colour. It's funky and adds a different appeal to the outfit.

Chocolate : This lip colour can add spark to the dusky look and can be carried off well. Rich cocoa colour and chocolate brown colour can be tried occasionally to flaunt the dusky makeup. Even raisin lip colour can compliment the dark skin of the woman.

Grape: Women with dark skin tone can apply grape lipstick or lip gloss with light coloured outfit. Carry the grape lips in evening and dazzle the party look!
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  1. And I think I can't pull off any of these!! I have wheatish-dusky tone. <3

  2. Why dear? Have you ever tried any of these color or nude ones?

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