Monday, October 3, 2011

Vega Large Wooden Paddle/Cushion Hair Brush Review

Hello Butterflies!!
I heard so much about boar bristles hair brush and searched a lot in my city but no clue. Also thought of TBS hair brush but my final purchase was Vega Large Wooden Paddle/Cushion Hair Brush and I am really happy with my purchase, so here is the review :

It says : VEGA large wooden paddle brush with round tipped wooden bristles, easily penetrate the hair & stimulate, massage the scalp. It's wooden bristles massage & distribute precious oils from the root of the hair to its ends for the maintenance of the healthy & beautiful hair.

This is how it looks - 

 MRP: Rs. 215.00 
Handle designed for greater comfort.
Well balanced flexible & superior design of bristles.
Simple design with an emphasis on function.
Hygienic and easy to clean.

This is the package in which hair brush comes -
 When I use it to comb hairs and give pressure to cover and touch my scalp, it's bristle's bed pressed to cover all my hairs and massage my scalp which was an amazing feeling. :)
   Bristle's bed is of cushion. 

Flexible bristles -

Pros -

  • Looks great, completely made of wood.
  • Cushion of bristle's bed is a great help in brushing your hairs.
  • Bristle's tips are round shaped and helps in massaging scalp.
  • Grip hold is also good as it is wooden.
  • Easy to clean.

Cons -

  • I can't find any negative point for this hair brush.

Rating : 5/5.
of course, I'll recommend it to you girls. :)




  1. Hii Vertika...Nice Review..My grand ma once gave me a comb made of wood, it was great to use!!I'd love to give this a try too..Thanx for sharing
    Keep Smiling :)

  2. Oh that's really sweet, do you still have your grand ma's comb?
    Do try this one ,it's really nice.

  3. Hey Vertu it indeed looks great !! I will surely try this soon

  4. @ Shalini : Thanks Shalini. <3

  5. Like the fact that it is made of wood..better than plastic i guess for your roots :)

  6. Yes Sovina, it's far better than plastic. :)

  7. Posting your award today...Sorry it took me so long..was just a little busy with school. Thank you so much for the award again. Lots of love :)

    Here is the link to the post..

  8. first time on your blog ,and it looks intresting!!!

    i have thick hair,do you think it will still reach my scalp.i have vega brush too but not wooden one i like their quality,this wooden one looks promising

  9. Hi Sri! Welcome to my blog.
    Sweety this brush has bristles of 1.5 cm, which is less. But the bristles are very flexible. I can't suggest you until I see your pic or know how much they are thick. I'll suggest you to go to the shop and try yourself, if it reaches your scalp then you got a good hair brush.

  10. Hi, Vertika. I loved your review. I am planning on buying a wooden hair brush because my hair gets too static-ky when I use a plastic comb. Are the bristles made of wood too? The reviews on Amazon say that they're made of plastic.


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