Saturday, October 15, 2011

Arabic Dancer Eye Look

Aloha Girlz!!
Today I've found few pictures of Arabic Makeup while surfing Google. I had a lot of fun making this look. 
The following steps will help you create a stunning Arabic Dancer inspired eye look.

You'll need -

  • Black eye shadow.
  • Black liquid or gel eye liner.
  • Blue eye shadow.
  • Purple & Pink eye shadow.
  • Black mascara.
  • Highlighter.
  • Bindi for forehead decoration (optional).

1. First apply primer or foundation and compact.

 2. Now use light blue eye shadow on eye lid area.
 3. Use a thin brush to apply light purple eye shadow as thick eye liner.
 4. Use a little darker blue eye shadow on crease and above crease. Now eyeliner's turn: apply black eye liner on upper lash line and make long wing to the end of eyebrow. Also make a small wing at the inner corner of eye. Then draw a V-shape just below the outer winged eyeliner of eye. Apply kajal or gel eyeliner on waterline.
 5. Then also apply blue eye shadow on inner side of V-shaped eye liner.
 6. Use pink eye shadow on lower lash line.
 7. Use highlighter. Make three black dots on brow bone and two black dots below the eye with the help of eyeliner brush.
 8. Apply two bindi's of stone & you're done.
 I also used silver color for upper lash mascara.

Like it or Hate it ?



  1. Very creative. Remind me of an exotic bird :)

  2. @ Pandora's Box - Thanks a lot Gal.

  3. Very nice! What brand of eyeshadows are you using? That blue color is so pigmented!

  4. @ Corina - Thank you so much sweety. Yeah the color is so pigmented, the palette I used is Kiss Touch 28 eye shadow palette. You can check out it here -

  5. Love this look!!! The blue shadow is gorgeous <3

  6. @ Rakshanda- Thank you sooo much dear.

  7. luv d way u ve lined ur eyes..u've luvly lashes!!

  8. @ Sunna- Thanks a ton darling.

  9. Very pretty,love the eyeliner work you have done

  10. @ Indian beauty central - Thanks darling for liking my work. :)

  11. This is so pretty, we love how vibrant it is. You also have lovely shaped eyes, perfect for eye shadow! JS xx

  12. @ Januarysublime - Thank you sooooooooo much dear. <3

  13. flamboyant in a gud way :D Fun wit colors :)


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