Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nicole Richie's Elegant Updo

Hello Butterflies!!
It has been a while that I didn't post any hairstyle. Today I did this Nicole Richie's inspired elegant updo.
Nicole Richie's elegant updo can be duplicated by using a little patience, hairspray, and a handful of bobby pins. For the uninitiated, this may work better as a two-person job, but with a little practice it might just become your go-to hairstyle.
I tried this alone. :)

Without talking much I'll start the step by step process to let you girls know how to do it.
1. To begin, brush your hairs with comb and section out bangs.

2. Then backcomb, backcomb, backcomb rest of the hair.

3. Sweep all the hairs/tresses away from your face and on one side. Continuing to hold the hair with one hand, use the other hand to insert bobby pins in a vertical line from the nape of the neck to the crown.

4. Then twist hair vertically over the bobby pins.

5. Once the twist has been created, insert bobby pins or u-shaped hair pins horizontally to secure. Loose ends at the top of the twist can be tucked and pinned into place. Complete with a generous blast of hairspray. My hairspray ran out that's why it's looking messy. But I kinda like it.

6. My bangs are different from Nicole's bangs, that's why did this twisted side bangs.

This is the final look -

Do you like the hairstyle?


  1. Great updo ... I may have to grow my hair a bit longer to try it LOL

  2. @ Shalini - Lol..but I think you can also do this updo with this hair length. Try it. :)

  3. Hey Vertika, I can do this style all by myself. It's one of my favorites. Although, I do it little differently:)

  4. @ Saru - Really? That's great. How you do it?

  5. i can do my nails great, but hair is something hard for me... thanks for posting it.. need to try it later...

  6. @ Tip-Top-Nails - Pleasure is mine dear. Do try it and let me know. :)


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