Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Diwali Look in 15 Minutes

Hello Beauties and Happy Dhanteras !!!!
I've shopped a silver coin and a fat silver anklets / payal for dhanteras and I always feel happy when I shop. So I'm Happy :D
This is my brand new Oriflame Make That Change Palette which has lovely matte and glitter eyeshadows, blushes and glitter and matte lipsticks/lippies. You can say this is my new love. <3
Okay! let's get to the point, Diwali is near and we all are very excited. We usually get ready for Diwali puja in the evening but sometimes we need to get ready quickly for any reason you can come up with. So here are some quick tips and an eye look idea for Diwali.


 1) Start off by washing your face with good face wash.
Next take a pinch of a light-base face moisturizer and spread it evenly on all parts of your face.
After soaking in the moisturizer, it’s time for strutting that flawless complexion with the Foundation.
Follow it up with the compact powder, until the shiny patches of your skin are toned down.

Now comes the eye makeup - Apply eye primer or foundation to hide those dark circles which is given by your laptop/computer.

6) Now apply a light creamy shimmer eye shadow on whole eyelid.
7) Use golden and earthy brown eye shadow on eyelid and on crease respectively.
8) Now apply gel or liquid eyeliner on upper lash line with a wing. You can also make cat eyeliner. I've used Maybelline gel eye liner here.

9) Apply blue eye pencil on waterline and lower lash line. Use golden eye shadow on lower lash line below the blue liner. Do not forget to add two coats of mascara to plump up those beautiful lashes and give them some volume!

For blush -
Dab a good amount of the Blush to give your apple cheeks that much needed glow.

For Lips -

Finally highlight your luscious lips with any pink, brown or red shades, and then outline your lips with the same color of lip liner.
Finish the look by dabbing a dash of nude Lip Gloss.

Hope this will help you to get ready in few minutes.

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and may your life get filled with lightness and brightness of Dipawali.


  1. @ Pandora's Box - Thanks swts.

  2. Thanks for this, I will do this tomorrow...:)


  3. nice look !!! Best of luck for your giveaway !!
    PS- following you now !! Plz visit my blog and follow if you like !! : )

  4. Wow... I like this look... Good for diwali....

    I have a question:
    Do you shop online?? Well, I wanted to buy some of the things online but online we have to pay in dollars. So, how to do the payments?? I know that $1=Rs45, so will the money be deducted like this from my account, for example, if I purchase a thing of $20 then Rs 900 will be deducted from my account??

  5. @ Saru - Pleasure is mine Saru. How was your Diwali?

    @ Nitika - Thanks dear for following me. I'll certainly check your blog. :)

  6. @ Sneha - Thanks Swts. And yes I do online shopping. When you shop online and use credit card the amount will be deducted from your account in converted price. Use current currency converter to know the exact amount in INR.
    1 U.S. dollar = 49.2999408 Indian rupees

    @ Divya - Thanks a ton Divya.

  7. @ Sneha - Debit card with master card & visa logo will also work.

  8. Hey Vertika, Happy Diwali!!! Thanks for the ideas! :)
    And that Oriflame pallete looks cool, I wanna buy it.

  9. @ Anusha - Wish you the same dear. Yes the Oriflame palette is really cool. If you wanna buy it you can contact me at

  10. wow have such a beautiful eyes....which brand's eye pencil, did you use for lining your lower lash line??

  11. @ JishasKitchen - Thanks a ton sweety. For waterline I used Oriflame Very me eye pencil duo.

    @ mitr - Oriflame make that change palette is great. :)

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