Monday, August 29, 2011

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips

Hello Galz!!
After seeing ad of Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips so many times, I decided to try it. Actually I like it's ad where they try to show that it gives you so rosy lips, that rosy color really attracted me. :)

What it Claims - Our lips have an amazing ability to experience heightened sensations, allowing us to feel the slightest of touch and sense the environment around us. However unlike body skin, the skin on our lips does not create its own moisture layer, leaving it susceptible to dryness and chapping.
Our stylish, functional Lip Therapy tins with their original retro look are perfect to help keep lips healthy and protected from the elements.
Packaging : You can see that it comes in paper and plastic pack, after tearing it I got a bright peach color of lip balm with white head but when I actually open it to see how the balm looks inside. I found that it looks like a vicks inhaler, the bright red thing is the cap of lip balm and for balm you have to twist it like any other usual lip balm. 
It comes in four different types -
  • Original has long been a firm favourite in handbags and pockets
  • Aloe Vera adds an extra soothing touch of hydration
  • Sun protection with SPF15 helps to protect you from the sun's harmful rays
  • Rosy Lips brings out the natural rosy tones in your lips by soothing and gently tinting.

I got its Rosy lips. So can't say much about its other lip balms.

Price - 100/- for 4 g.

Texture - It's pink shade really attracts and only one thought comes in mind is that it gives lips a really nice pinky color with moisturization. But all thoughts gone away when I applied it, it will not give you tinted pink lips or rosy lips. 
Yes, it's true I vigorously applied it on my lips to get that color or tinted effect but nothing got what I expected. :(

Smell - It has mild fruity smell, which is pleasant. :)

 Here is the 20-25 times vigorously swatch of Vaseline Lip therapy Rosy lips -
Pros -
Moisturizing, same as normal Vaseline we use.
Fruity Smell.
Cute packaging.
Color of lip balm is attractive.
No problem with availability. 

Cons -
Tinted but not that much.

Rating : 3 / 5

I'll not recommend it to you gals because there are better lip balms available in market.



  1. wow i was so tempted to get this after seeing the. even after 25 times swatching that is the tint?? no i am not getting. thanks for the review..

  2. I have the Vaseline rosy lips lip therapy in the tin!!
    good review :) xx

  3. oh the other rosy lips which they had was nice..that looked like a gloss..

  4. @Mursal Nasseri Thanks Mursal.
    well howz your tin lip balm works?

  5. @bhumika
    Okay I'll try it's other balms to see the difference, well the color of this lip balm is like it will give you very nice tinted color that's why i expected more from it.

  6. Listen to my words of wisdom my child...the best lip balm for you is burt's beeswax lipbalm. All your lip worries shall vanish in just a stroke of your hand. U MUST find it even if you have to search the seven oceans and climb the highest mountains.
    I see a very uncertain future in my crystal ball for your twitter bird beware...BEWARE..

  7. I love this!
    I have it in the tin, and its great!
    Better than the aloe vera vasaline as it has such a cute pink tint to it! :)

  8. Hey there :D

    I do love your blog as you talk about make ups, skin care and MORE! Love it, btw i do wrote about your blog for the Nuffnang Celebrates Blog Day 2011 :D

    You can read it here,

  9. Nice review! I'm visiting your blog for the 1st time and I'm liking it already! And I bought the same lip balm recently and I found my homemade version better :/ So I'll prolly not get another 1 :(

    ♥ Sukanya

  10. i love your blog. i followed you. please check out my blog and follow me please. thanks.

  11. @Pandora`s Box
    lol lol lol..........oh so afraid gonna change my twitter bird & will search for Burt's bee.. :D

  12. @Dolly Daydream
    Hello Dolly! It's just my personal opinion..coz I expected more from this lip balm but those who need very very light color they can go for it, it's not bad. :)

  13. @ishika
    Thanks Ishika and welcome to my blog. :)

  14. @Syafiqa
    Thanks a ton Syafiqa for writing about my Vivacious Blog and for those really beautiful words. :)

  15. @Cami Thanks a bunch Cami for following. :)

  16. i have this and i found it as an average product :) nice review:)

  17. @anamika
    Thank you Ana..yes even i feel the same.. it's an average product.

  18. how is it possible? the one i apply gives me a red tint on the lips on the first swipe!!

  19. @ Annie - Really? I don't know Annie, may be I got the defective one. :(

  20. hey vertika then wat is the best one to use to make my lips pink or red soft???

  21. @ Jannie - Hi Jannie! I like maybelline lip balm and use it everyday. No issues. :)

  22. hey vertu do u have an facebook account? coz i wud like to u ask u some questions plzzzz!


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