Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Double Faux French Braid Hairstyle

Aloha Friends!
Today I tried a new hairstyle, called as "Double Faux French Braid Hairstyle". It seems difficult but ones you know how to do it after practicing a bit you can do it easily. :)

Grab your comb, hair band and start -
1) Part your hairs into two from side or from center as you like.
2) Brush both parts of hair and tie up one part of hair with hair band. And starts with other part of hair by taking two pieces or strands of hair from top of that hair section.

 3) Criss-cross the two pieces by bringing the one underneath the other. then add the small section of hair from underneath the faux braid to the pieces of hair close to that section. Criss-cross the two sections again by bringing the one closest to that piece of hair underneath the other piece.
 4) Continue until the faux braid reaches below the ear and all the hairs of that part braided well.
5) Untie other side of hair and repeat the process with them.
 6) Now take both faux braids at one side of neck and tie with hair band.

 You have to make both faux braids in a way so that both can come at one side of neck to get tied.
Hope you all like it. :)



  1. Really Pretty but need lotsa patience for this also won't be able to do it with as much fineness as u

  2. @priya
    Thanks a lot Priya.
    Yeah it takes time even I practiced a few times to get it. Do try it. :)

  3. Pretty but seems complicated for someone like me who has never even braided her hair

  4. i know how to made a simple braid but its pretty complicated. not able to understand the 3rd step properly. hope you can make it more simpler and i'll surely try to make it.

  5. @laksh have cute short hairs i think that's why you never braided your hairs. :)

  6. @Vini
    Hello Vini! Yes it's complicated, in 3rd step I said that you have to take few hair strands of top area of your head and divide them into two and criss-cross it then pick up a piece from top and add it in and do the same with bottom section. It's same as regular french braiding hairstyle,you just have to do it with two sections instead of three.
    Hope this will help. :)

  7. This is nice but I got the curly as for i used products for healthy hair but it's too complicated for me doing the braid. i am loving ti

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  9. @ Mishi - Thanks a bunch Mishi. I know braiding is complicated but you can do it with practice. :)

    @ Dr. Salman - Thank you soooo much Dr. Salman.

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  11. @ LoganDylan - Thanks a ton dear. Pleasure is mine.

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