Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pink And Golden Eye Look, EOTD

Hello Everyone!
I have a saree which is of pink color with golden work on it. It’s really heavy and it twinkles a lot in parties. I was thinking what could be the eye makeup with this saree, so I made my mind and tried this eye makeup.
Now let’s talk about the eye makeup.

I used –
  • Light  Pink eye shadow.
  • Golden eye shadow.
  • Black eye shadow.
  • Eye liner (optional).
  • Kajal.
  • Mascara.
  • Highlighter.

1.       First apply light pink eye shadow on eye lid. You can change eye shadow colors according to your mood and dress.

2.       Then apply golden eye shadow on crease and above crease.

3. Then apply a jet black eye shadow on upper lash line and also on crease. Blend well all the colors but make sure to do not mix all the colors otherwise your work will get ruin.
4.  You can see clearly all the colors on my eyes on their place.

5.       Apply highlighter of white or neutral shade.

6.   You can also apply  eye liner, I only applied kajal and some black eye shadow on lower lash line with loads of mascara.
And here is the final look-

Do you like it or I need more perfection. I know nobody is perfect but i’ll try my best. :)



  1. LOvely EOTD vertu :) Am nt into eye more of a blush and lippie person :D loving ur blog :)

  2. @Shweta
    Thank you sooo much Shweta...Love to see your blush n lippie passion. :)

  3. @Saru Singhal
    Hey saru! Thanks a bunch darling. :X

  4. god you have got gorgeous eyelashes girl!! and you know what i have been trying to do EOTD cuz it just doesn't come out right. how do you get yhe colours right gurl?

  5. suno i am having trouble with facebook widget. can you please give me your email id, i wanted to ask you stuff :/.

  6. @Ginger
    Thanks a lottt Ginger. I think it's just practice which makes me this. :D

    my facebook page's url is -

    my email id -

    would Love to talk about makeup with you. :)


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