Sunday, August 28, 2011

Abstract Nail Art

Hello Galz!!
I'm here again with another nail art. This is an abstract design on my nails. If I have to explain this nail art in simple words than this is just flower petals with black background.
So let's start this simple abstract nail art -
Step 1 - Simply color all your nails with black, here I used a bit shimmery black nail paint.
Step 2 - Now make a small curve with pink nail paint on right corner of nail tip using nail art brush and fill this curve area with same pink nail paint.
Step 3 - Now take purple nail paint and make a petal next to pink petal as you can see in picture below.
Step 4 - Make next petal with bright green nail paint using nail art brush.
Step 5 - And at last make a small petal with red nail paint next to green colored petal.
Step 6 - Secure it with transparent top coat.
Hope you like my art of work. :)



  1. Wow I would love to try this without the green nail paint :) nice one girl :)

  2. @Rekha
    Thanks a ton Rekha. :)
    I think green one is really bright, do try it with some other color combo. :) And let me know how it comes?

  3. that's relly nice!! I like your gold ring! :)

  4. @Mursal Nasseri
    Thank you so much Mursal.
    It's mah special ring. :)


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