Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beauty Tip : Ways To Remove Tan

Hello Friends!
Sorry for not posting beauty tip on Sunday, I was out-of-town and did shopping whole Sunday for Raksha Bandhan.
Today I am going to tell you what should you do when you get a drastic tan on your face, hands, foot..anywhere.
There are so many ways to remove tan, am going to tell you few best of them.

  • One of the easiest and fastest way to reduce tanning is to apply buttermilk. You can also make your own Buttermilk by diluting a cup of yogurt in 2 liters of water and blend well. This can be rubbed on tanned skin and will show excellent results. You can apply this on your skin as many times a s you like.
  • Aloe vera gel is also an excellent way to reduce tan. Try and get leaves of the plant and press them for fresh gel. If you use aloe vera gel that comes in a tube from a store, this also works equally well. Make it a point to apply this overnight because using aloe vera gel and going out in the sun can make your skin darker.
  • Mix 1 cup of yogurt, juice of one medium cucumber, 1 tablespoon honey, pulp of a tomato and a half cup of chickpea flour. If the mixture seems a bit runny add more chickpea flour. Apply all over your tanned body and leave it for 30-40 minutes( the longer you leave it on, the more benefits it will have). Then wash off using lukewarm water and loofah. 
  • One part sugar, one part salt and two parts of lemon juice. You can also use half lemon with sugar and salt and rub it on tanned skin.

       Hope you'll find it helpful... :)



  1. Great tips. Your twitter bird scared me I thought there was something moving on my screen lol :D have a lovely day.

  2. @Pandora`s Box
    Thanks Sweety. I scold my twitter bird but she doesn't listen to me.. :D

  3. Thanks for the tips, especially the tanning one...BTW what you bought?

  4. @Saru Singhal
    Hey Saru!! Thanks sweety.
    I bought a navy blue sandal, rakhis, a suit(took a lot time to select), 2 Capris and few gifts and some clothes for hubby. :)


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