Saturday, August 20, 2011

How To Get Perfect Party Makeup

Who doesn't want to make head turns the moment they enter the party. Here are some tips to ensure that look just perfect for the party.
1. Clean the skin : Use the cleanser that helps to remove impurities of the skin and ensures a glowing skin.

2. Toning Time : Next apply the skin tone to refresh the skin tone and moisturize it well.

3. Set the base : Apply foundation in gentle tapping motion, and work it all the way around the eye up to the tip of eyebrow. Always begin along the center line of the face and blend outwards towards the corners of the face to create an even look, blending down past the jaw line and into the neck. For a final touch, application of loose powder or compact with a big fluffy brush will even the makeup out.

4. Eye Makeup : Apply your favorite eye shadow and line your upper and lower lash line with the dark black eye pencil or liquid eye liner, it will enhance your eyes. For luscious lashes, use mascara with strokes towards the nose on inner  eye lashes, straight up on central lashes and towards the temple on outer ones.

Tip :

  •  Adding shimmer to your eye makeup is a great way to turn a ho-hum look into a haute holiday one. Applying ton of glitter on eyelids or glitter accents in the corner of eye or you can create glitter eye liner, you can choose any color like deep blue and burgundy. For glitter eye liner, apply layer a bit of Vaseline on top of the line then take a bit of crumbly glitter and add it on the top of the Vaseline.
  • A smokey eye is a great way to add sexiness to your look. For smokey eye look you can also use any color around your eyes and apply loads of mascara.

5. Sensational lips : Apply a lip base as a primer. Ensure even, smooth application, as this lays the base for a perfect finish. If you don't use lip base, apply lip liner and after that use lip color. Then shape your lips using lip brush for an accurate shape. begin at outer edges and work in, meeting at the middle of your lips.

Tip : 

  • If you are applying a dark shade of lipstick then apply simple makeup on eyes and if you are applying dark and heavy eye makeup then wear soft shade of lip color.

Hope you'll find it helpful. :)


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