Friday, August 12, 2011

Polka Dots On Pink French Manicure

Hello Everyone!!
French manicure is something we always love and it never looks out dated. One thing you can do to give this normal french manicure a new look is to try it with bright and vivid colors. I tried pink french manicure and for making it more fun I used white polka dots on it.

Things you'll need-
  • Pink nail paint.
  • White nail paint.
  • Orange stick or anything with round tip.
  • Tiny golden stones (optional).
  • Transparent nail paint.

1) First apply any color on your nail's tips. I used pink nail paint for french manicure.
2) Take a toothpick and a drop of white nail paint on a paper. Pick white color with the help of broader side of toothpick and make dots only on pink french tips of your nails.
 3) After that apply transparent nail paint on all nails.
 4) If you want something different you can apply golden stones on your nails with glue and apply transparent nail paint over it.

 Here is the final look...
Note : Never apply any second coat of nail paint or any other design before drying your first coat of nail paint. :)

Do try it and let me know.


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