Saturday, August 27, 2011

Makeup Ideas For Girls Who Wear Glasses o-o

Do you think adding some frames to our face puts a snag in our makeup game?
Dilemma? Overdo it and you end up looking like sexy librarian gone terribly wrong. Play it too safe and your features disappear.
So here are some fantastically doable tips :

1. Make It Simple : Best to keep your eye makeup simple. Stick to neutral shades on the eyes but remember to blend a darker color on your crease. save the bright and bold colors for your lips.

2. Don't be afraid of mascara - Apply 2-3 coats of black mascara. It makes your eyes look bigger.

3. Gel Liner - Adjusting the thickness of liner is important when you're wearing glasses. "If your frames are thicker , you should apply thick eye liner to upper lash line so that eyes stand out. If your frame are thinner, a softer liner will work."

4. Day To Night - A bright or dark lip color can instantly transform into party ready and a bright shade of pink blush on your cheek will instantly give your face a lift. OR, you can use a lighter shimmer color on your lower lid. To create a smokey eye look for glasses, double line your eye. It instantly makes your eyes stand out without being too much. just line your eye with gel or pencil, then take similar colored eye shadow and using a liner brush, line above the previous line, smudging as you go.

5. Define brows - Glasses draw huge attention, so do not forget to shape and color your brows.

6. Pay Attention - If your prescription makes your eyes look smaller, be sure to line your eyes all the way around. use liner which is darker than the color of your eye. Finish with two to three coats of mascara on top lashes only.
If your prescription makes your eyes look bigger, use light hand when applying your eye makeup and be sure to blend everything carefully. For shadows, go with light and neutral shades. your eyeliner should be thin and delicate with only one coat of mascara.



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