Friday, August 19, 2011

Chambor Velvette Touch Lip Liner Pencil Review

Hello Beauties!!
I bought this lip liner with Chambor Silk Touch Lipstick and I am loving it. I am not fond of lip liners but I decided to buy a lip liner for me and I got this beauty. It's amazing, I love its color and it also stays for long.
SA was a guy who insisted me to buy this particular color, he said it will suits me so I applied it on my lips and it completely suited me so without giving a heck I purchased it. :)

Chambor Claims - Velvette Touch Lip Pencils are designed for enhancing your lips by defining, lining & filling up the lips perfectly. These pencils are extremely smooth, non-drying & long wearing (lasts almost for 4 hrs).

The pencil is waterproof & gives full colour coverage, which ensures that the lipstick stays in place for extended hours. It resists bleeding & feathering.

As an additional benefit it contains conditioning additives such as vitamin E, Carnauba and Candellila which moisturize and protect the lips.

For the most natural look, make sure the tip is softly rounded. Keep your strokes soft with no sharp edges. For best result apply the Velvette Touch Lip Liner after Lipstick, or before Lip Gloss.

Available in a wide selection of 8 colours that compliment well with Silk Touch Lipsticks & Glitzy lip-gloss shades. Dermatologically Approved & the product has"No Animal Ingredients"

8 Lip Smacking Shades available in Browns, Pinks & Reds

 Price - I don't remember its exact price but it was between 300 - 350 INR for 1.14 g.
Shade - It's deep bright red shade. It's made in Germany, shade RD-21 and Ref No. 2924

Packaging - Its red and silver in color. the red color of packaging in exactly the same color of lip liner. You can see the design on packaging is like snake's skin pattern. Looks classy.
Here is the swatch of lip liner -
Pros -
It has 8 shades for everyone.
Long lasting, stays for 3-4 hours.
Very creamy and soft.
Love its packaging.
No bleeding.
Waterproof, I swatch it on my hand and put my hand under water nothing happen, the swatch even resist running water of tap. :)
No animal ingredient.
Dermatologically tested.

Cons -
I don't think it has any negative point but the smell is kind of chalk.

Definitely buy it again. :) Do try it.



  1. Shades looks lovely and I love chambor products :)

  2. The color looks good. Thanks for telling us about the smell...Anyway, I will try it as you have recommended...

  3. @Shalini Dhillon
    Hey Shalini!
    I am also a big fan of Chambor products...<3

  4. @Saru Singhal
    Hi Saru! well you'll not regret buying it. :)

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