Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Red Hearts On Black Nail Art

Hi Everyone!
For the first time I tried black nail paint and now am loving it. This nail art is completely done by nail art brush with freehand.
Take three nail paints black, red and pink with a Konad nail art brush and start -
1) Paint all nails with glittered black nail paint and let it dry completely.

2) Take nail art brush and draw 2-3 small red hearts on each nail.
3) Then apply pink nail paint to color border of hearts with the help of nail art brush (as shown in picture below).

4) Did something different on one nail. Draw two lines with red nail paint and make dots with pink color along  the line. Secure your nail art with transparent nail paint always. :)

Konad Nail Art Brush
This nail art only needs patience to make perfect hearts. :)

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