Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gorgeous Evening Eye Makeup

Daytime makeup is generally more natural and quite minimal. However, when it comes to attending a special occasion or an evening party you want to look your best. 

Here is the evening look -

  • If you want to achieve a flawless evening look, make sure that your face is cleansed properly and you have applied a moisturizer as well.
  • As a first step, blend the primer evenly into your eyelids and then apply a few spot of under eye concealer on the area around your eyes. 
  • Now proceed with applying a shimmery eyeshadow on your eyelid. I used white silver eyeshadow.

 Then apply a peach eye shadow across your lid.

Finish with a dark shade in the crease to give your eyes a deeper, sensual look. 

As a next step, follow with using eyeliner to make your eyes even more emphatic. 

Draw a line on the bottom eyelid as well. Also apply a silver eye shadow on lower lash line.
If you want to create a stunning evening makeup, you can add a touch of extra glam to your look by using a gold or shimmery pink highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes.
As a finishing touch apply volumising mascara on both the upper and lower eyelashes. 

For Cheeks : To give a healthy glow apply coral blush.

 For lips : Use a very light pink or nude shade.

Would you try this look ?

   L <3 VE,


  1. Vertu its pretty n sweet <3 <3 :)

  2. @ Riddhi - Thank you so much swts. <3 :)

    @ Pooja - Thanks pooja. :D

    @ Upasana - :) Thanks a bunch sweety. <3

  3. Vertu I love the liner..Which is it??It is such a gorgeous black!!!! n the coral blush is totally suiting you!!! :)

  4. @ KrazzyKi - Thanks a ton ruhie. <3
    It's maybelline gel eye liner. I think it's best and cheap.

  5. This is so beautiful. Not only that, you did it so neatly and the end result is so wearable. Thank you for doing it :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. ohhh some1 is luking beautifullll <3 :)
    yes, I will love to try this dear :) !!

  8. @ Nivedita - Glad you liked my work. Pleasure is all mine sweety. :) <3

    @ Ayantika - Thank you sooooooooooo much dear.m <3 <3 <3 <3 :k

  9. Love it..Very simple, easy and gorgeous <3


  10. Hey which eyeshadows have you used <3


  11. @ Megha - Thanks a bunch Megha. <3

    For eye shadow I used Oriflame's Make That Change Palette. :)


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