Saturday, January 7, 2012

How To : Smooth Eyeliner Pencil

A very neat little trick for your daily life which involves your eyeliner pencil.

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Take your eyeliner and run it over a lighter for a a second or two not more than that to soften it up a bit.
Let it cool for a second and then you’re good to go to use it. Make sure that the tip isn't too hot.
The process of warming it will allow your eyeliner to apply in a smoother fashion and you’ll be able to get that perfect defined eye look.
( If you left the pencil eyeliner in the flame too long then remove any excess using tissue paper,let it set for 5-10 seconds and apply).

You can also use blow dryer instead of lighter. :)  Just be careful.
It also works to slightly waterproof your eyeliner, especially on the inner rims, as well.


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