Saturday, January 7, 2012

Green Eye Makeup, EOTD

Celebs does know how to rock out the sparkling makeup trends.
This green eye look is inspired by Keri Hilson eye makeup. But I did it a bit differently.

You'll need -

  • Primer
  • Foundation.
  • Concealer.
  • Copper eye shadow.
  • Golden eye shadow.
  • Green eyeliner or green eye shadow. (I used green eye shadow)
  • Black eye shadow.
  • Makeup brushes.
Let's begin -
1. After preparing your eyes with primer and concealer, apply gold eye shadow on center of eye lid.
2. Then use copper eye shadow on whole eyelid. Blend gold and copper eye shadow. 
I didn't use any eye shadow for crease and brow bone.

3. Now apply green eyeliner (you can also use green gel eyeliner) But in case if you don't have any of these then use the green eye shadow and apply it with the help of liner brush as I did. :)

4. Now the twisted part, use black eye liner or eye shadow for the outer winged style. Blend the green and black eye liner to get the look.
The liner should be thicker on outer corner of your eyes. 

5. Then apply black eyeliner or eye shadow on outer side of lower lash line.

 6. Then apply loads of black mascara. I wanted to use fake lashes but I forgot. :P
And yes I also forgot to apply blush. :P

 For lips - For sophisticated and neat style use a nude gloss.

Hope you like it. :)

   L <3 VE,


  1. Gorgeous look!

    Great blog,am now following

  2. @ Sharon - Thank you so much Sharon for following me. Will check out your blog. :) <3

  3. Pretty Vert and you looks cute and beautiful

  4. @ Siri - Thank you so much dear. :) <3

  5. thank you for visiting my blog!!!!
    I loved this eye make up trick!
    will certainly try wid my fav purple eyeliner!!!
    Following you right away doll!

  6. @ CandyVioleta - Thanks a ton swts. Do try it. :) <3 <3

  7. I love it <3
    Very simple and elegant.


  8. @ Megha Sarin - Thanks a bunch Megha for liking it.

  9. This blog is a great source of information which is very useful for me. Thank you.


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