Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year 2012 Nail Art

 Hello Girls!
Once again, I'd like to wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year
This is the nail art I did for new year party. I was out of time and my nail art brush got damaged that's why this nail art design is not so accurate. :(

 The design includes silver glitter with happy ribbons, champagne glasses and 2012 written with bomb. :)

Yay or Nay ?


  1. Its not yay but its YAYYY!!!! Big time!! Hey, this is so different. I eman you know, I have seen so many things in nail art, but never this kind!!! <3

  2. Yay!!!!

    Happy new year Vertika, have a great year! :)


  3. @ Siri - same here. :)

    @ KrazzyKi - Thanks Ruhie. :)

    @Nivedita - Aw..Thank you sooo much Nivedita..you're such a darling. :)

    @ Anusha - Thanks A. Wish you the same. :)

    @ Saru - Happy 2012 Saru. :) :star

  4. hey!!! thanks so much for vising my blog!! i appreciate so much your following and i definately follow back! hope i'll se you again in my blog
    kisses from greece

  5. Thats really nice ! following you too :)

  6. yayyy for me !!! its a perfect new year nail art...

  7. nice!!!

    happy 2012!!


  8. Happy new year Vertu!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
    Check out my blog when you have time : Makeup and Beauty Home
    Have a successful year!

  9. @ Marianna - Thank swts. See you again. :)

    @ few unnecessary stuff - Thanks dear. :) <3

    @ Riddhi - Thank you sooooo much riddhi. <3 :star

    @ Shooting star - Happy new year. :)

    @ lancy - Wish you the same lancy. :) <3

  10. @ Scribby - Thank you Scribby. :) <3


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