Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OxyGlow Lavender Lip Balm Review

I always bought stuff without planning and need. So with this nature I got OxyGlow lip balm.
And here is the review -

What it claims : Get the lips you'll love with OxyGlow Lavender Lip Balm. Its special natural formula is a nourishing blen of Lavender extracts that provide deep moisturizing and as well as nutrition to fight dryness. Also laden with wheat germ, coconut, almond & Olive oil, it effectively heals, smoothens and protects lips from the harshness of wind and pollution. Shield your lips with OxyGlow Lavender Lip Balm in all seasons and keep flashing that confident smile!

Price : INR 75/- for 8 gm.

Directions for use : Apply evenly on to clean lips. Use it every time your lips feel dry and chapped.

Color : It's light purple in color.

Texture : It's light and texture is like normal lip balm, feels very light on lips.

Website :

 Ingredients :

Pros :

  • Available in three flavors (lavender, strawberry & lemon).
  • Affordable.
  • It does re-hydrates dry & cracked lips.
  • Lovely, mild and pleasant smell.
  • Very light on lips.
  • Contains SPF 15.

Cons :

  • It tastes bad. I did taste it unknowingly. It happens with me most of the time. :) 
  • Availability is an issue. Only few shops have their complete range of products.

Rating : 3.95 / 5
Recommendation : If you don't have habit of licking your lips then you must try it.



  1. I must try it, though I kind of eat everything on my lips... :-/.

  2. @ Shoppingaholic - Do try it dear, it's good. :)
    Even I have the same habit but it's bad taste stopped me doing it. :P

  3. I use Nivea since ages and I am happy with it. Nivea pink is quite good as it has a tint of color...

  4. i love your sweet blog!its amazing!i love it!i love it!i love it!i love it! and...I LOVE IT

  5. @ Saru - Yeah. Nivea lip balms are really good and they don't taste bad. :D

    @ Liza - Aw..Thanks a trillion Liza. Thank you so much. <3 :L

  6. I haven't seen this before :(..yet to try

  7. @ Siri - The availability is a big issue with OxyGlow. I found it's products good but hard to find. :(

  8. ahh look at the purple color ... so cute !!! thnks for the review

  9. Hmmm :) Seems affordable for the worth.. If It is me, I would choose the strawberry flavour :)
    Nice Review! Love your blog Vertu :D

  10. @ Riddhi - Pleasure is mine dear. :) <3

    @ Lancy - I love purple that's why choose the lavender one. :)

  11. luv luv luv the color...wont mind the bad taste if this is the color :P :D...very nice review Vertu :) !!

  12. @ Ayantika - Thank you soooo much Ayantika. Me too love the color. :) <3

  13. yaa it is realyyyyyyyyyyyyyy PURE


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