Monday, January 30, 2012

Retro Look Of Nails : Glam Nail Art

Finally I sacrificed my long nails. That was a really sad moment. But now I'm fine. :P
After doing this nail art, I really felt bad for not buying a complete set of nail art brushes. Just because if I had it today I could do much better than this.
I want to share one more thing, today I'm very happy (reason would be shared after few days) so I'm soon gonna host a giveaway. :)
Okay let's start with this retro nail art --

First, I'll do psyche pattern on nails, which is requested by Cherry Lane (a fellow blogger friend). She named it psychedelic pattern. :)
This is very simple and I invented it. So start with two nail paints, here I used white and intense pink nail paint.
First coat of white nail paint on all nails.

Then after few minutes, place a drop of pink nail paint on bed of nail as shown in picture below.

Then take white nail paint and brush the white color on pink color. The brush will make the psyche design. You don't have to do much. Isn't simple?

Now outline the nails with black nail paint. And on ring finger use some golden and silver glitters.
Use three yellow stone on ring finger in a vertical line to complete the retro look.

Did you like this retro look??



  1. it has contains many amazing,amazing nail colors!!this is a really laudable work.

  2. @ Girlie Blogger - Thanks a ton dear. :)

    @ Nail Fashion - Thank you sooo much swts. <3

  3. Definitely creative and will look good for girls day out. I wont be able to carry this off in office :P

    Waiting for you great news.. All the best :)

  4. Why you made nails short? :(

    And nice creative job you done here..i mean nail art

  5. @ Divya - Certainly Divya. Office nails should not be dazzled.
    Thanks, :)

    @ Siri - It's a long story, will tell you some day.
    Thanks for liking it. :) <3

  6. I like really like white/pinky colour! :-)

  7. @ Cherry Lane - Thank you dear. <3


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