Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ridiculously Easy Hairstyle

May be most of you know about this hairstyle but if you don't know then this easy hairstyle is for YOU!
I recently searching something and found Maria Menounos wearing this simple and cute hairstyle. 

So here is the simple steps -

  • Bangs were just pulled to one side, but there's a trick here.

  • That lock was twisted down just once before it was pinned with the pin going from the back of her head toward her face.

Such a simple move, but it allows for just a tiny bit of height in the front that's really flattering. So easy!

Avoid my big forehead. :P

Would wear your hair like this?



  1. Vertu..that's super easy :) I'd definitely try it ... hairdo..I think it would be perfect for my college with my french braids ;)

  2. @ KrazzyKi - Thanks Ruhie. <3 That will look cool with your french braid.

  3. yes i wear my hair lyk dis sometimes...

  4. Very neat, will try it today...Hope it suits me:)

  5. @ Riddhi - Great! :)

    @ Saru - It will dear. Thank you. <3

  6. Love it sweetie..It is very old..Punjabi kinda look. But it does not suit me :(

  7. @ Megha Sarin - Thanks darling. I didn't know that it's punjabi hair look. I saw it in movie. :) <3

  8. To get your nails done professionally it will cost about $25.
    grey hair


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