Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tinsel Your Nail Tips

Normal french tips are definitely overused, so why not put a new funky twist to an old tradition for the new year?
For this new cool look, the steps are simple! All you need is a plum purple nail polish and silver nail polish!

Firstly, apply two coats of the dark purple polish, and then accompany it with a strip of silver along the tip.
In order to get a perfect tip, apply the polish in one quick and clean sweep across the nail instead of spending hours trying to edge it brush by brush.

L <3 VE,


  1. Cute idea.Looks so festive. Love it :)

  2. @ Pandora's Box - Thanks a ton sweety. It looks so cute and it completely looks great on short nails.

  3. @ Siri - Thank you dear. :) ^_^

  4. @ riddhi - Thanks riddhi. <3 :h

  5. Very cute. I have a question you might know. What is the best way to remove gel nails?

  6. @ Dmacc502 - I never used gel nails, I always do nail art on my own natural nails. :)
    But as you asked so I googled and found this for you -


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