Monday, January 9, 2012

Nail Art Beads Set & Nail Art

Bonjour Butterflies!
This is my first set of nail art beads, when I saw it I couldn't believe that I got something related to nail art in local gift shop.
It's designed by Korea, that's why whatever written on front and back was not understandable to me except the words written in English "Nail Art Beads Set".

How to use : You can see picture below which shows how to use it.

It includes :
A beads set in round case, a red stick with white head, a light glue in plastic nail paint bottle and 12 pieces of artificial nails.
I'm completely in love with this set.

A more closer look of artificial nails which have floral design.

This is how I use the stick : One can apply glue on stick and then take the bead or put a drop of glue on nail and take the bead with the help of stick to place it on nail.

 A closer look to beads -

 And I randomly picked some beads and made this design -

Do you like it?



  1. The kit looks quite intresting!!!!!!

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  3. Hey i have similar one from

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  4. @ makeup chic - Yeah, for me it is. :)

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    @ Siri - Great news Siri! Now you must be relaxed and happy.

  5. like this veryyyyyyyyyyyy much...i mean it...wish i have this <3 !! :D


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