Friday, January 27, 2012

Faces Nail Enamel Bronze 12 Review & NOTD

I love nail paints. And my dream is to get nail paints of every brand in all colors. I know this dream is not going to be true but I still wait for that day. :)

This is the first time I purchased nail enamels from Faces Cosmetics. I got these two little beauties from StyleCraze. I was looking something new to try first I thought of Orly but then my final decision was Faces.
Ofcourse! They were on discount, so picked Bronze 12 and Sparkles 13.

Description of Faces Nail Enamel - 
> Faces Nail Enamel is a long lasting and chip resistant nail polish.
 It comes in a high shine finish formula that applies smoothly and lasts longer.

 Trendy colors brighten up your mood and keep up with the fashion mania.

 Flat brush delivers shiny smooth color for a streak free professional finish.

Price : Rs. 99/-  for 7ml but I got it in Rs. 84/-

Available Shades:

> Alomic Orange> All That Glitters> Bronze> Black Beauty> Forest Green> Go Green> Get Mauveing> Green Surprise> Pink Flamenco> Pearl Maya> Precious Peach> Purple Rain> Persimmon> Pearl Yellow> Sparkles> Shanghai Shimmer> Teal> Ultramarine> White o  White

On first coat it looks like this -->

With second coat it gives the exact color of bronze.

Pros :

  • The tiny bottle is cute and sturdy.
  • Brush quality is good.
  • Can be easily carried anywhere, handy.
  • Two coats dries completely within 5-10 minutes (I'm talking here both hands).
  • Available in a variety of bright and shimmery shades.
  • Staying power is good (for 5 days).

Cons :

  • None.

It's a good nail paint to try out and after discount it was a must buy for me.

Rating : 4.5 / 5

I will try its other bright shades too. Atomic orange and Precious peach is on my next list. :)



  1. Faces is on the way of becoming one of my fav brands..Their price aswell as quantity is awsome..Loved the bronze color in your hand :)

  2. @ Siri - Thanks sweety. I'm also loving this shade. I'm going to try more from faces. :)

    @ CHi - Same here. :)

  3. Oh even I'm loving faces' nail paints...just picked up a couple of greens- teal and jade..both are v pretty...
    I'm loving the bronze... Brightens up the hands no?

  4. Faces is definitely worth the money

  5. Ash such lovely shade .. Ll go on all outfits

  6. nice post!i love your blog's new appearance! its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. That's a pretty shade! You hands look beautiful.

  8. Nice Shade vertu :)
    oyiii U tweeked your design again...Great Job Hun :* Me too wanna do now :P

  9. @ the purple spirit - Yeah it does! I will try it other shades too.

    @ Emm - Yeah! :)

    @ Riddhi - Thanks dear. It will.

    @ Liza - Thanks a lot Liza. :) <3

    @ Harshleen - Thanks a ton harshleen. Great to see you back. :)

    @ KarzzyKi - Thanks sweety. I don't get satisfied until I get something nice. I would love to see your new layout. :)

  10. Your blog is so attractive and unique. I always appreciate novel ideas as you have projected in your blog. Count me as a new follower.

  11. Wow lovely post!
    Great photos!


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