Monday, August 8, 2011

L'Oreal Paris launches new eye makeup

Mumbai, Aug 5 (IBNS) Cosmetic major L’Oréal Paris has extended its eye makeup range to Open Eyes Pro eye shadow, a set of quads to give high color pay-off on eyelids.

Source : Google

"Open Eyes Pro is L’Oréal Paris’ new technological breakthrough that simplifies shade selection and blending of colours, allowing even the most inexperienced of users to achieve a Make Up Artist-like result. Created using the Wet-Process Technology, colors adhere better to the skin, last longer, while offering intense colors and a sublime glittery effect," said a company spokesperson on Friday.

Priced at Rs 700, Open Eyes Pro eye shadow is available in 7 pallets, including gold, beige and turquoise.

I love it's look, very classy and modern.
It has an eye shaped mirror below the pallete and an eye shadow applicator.
I am just dying to try it. :D


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