Thursday, August 25, 2011

Watermelon Nail Art

Hey ya Girls!
It's August and raining season is on peak, here we had series of strong rains. It's humid and hot still like summers. That's where I thought of a watermelon nails. Its fun to get out of dainty nails and go for fun nails!!
Let's begin -
Step 1 - Protect your nails with base coat and let dry. Then Apply Pink nail paint I used Quiny nail lacquer.

 Step 2 - Apply a very light green nail paint in an arc line using thin brush as you can see in picture below. You can also draw this line after the step 3.
 Step 3 - Then use dark and light green nail paint to draw thick straight lines one by one from nail bed on upper area of  the arc line.
 Step 4 - Now apply small black seeds with black nail paint on pink area.
 Step 5 - Apply transparent top coat to secure your work. :)

Hope you like my work of art... :)



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