Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beauty Tip : Best Way To Remove Eye Makeup

The question is, What is the best way to remove eye makeup?
I always end up either successfully removing makeup but at the expense of pulling out a few lashes or leaving my skin and eye lashes intact at the expense of having some makeup residue remaining.
Is it about the technique or quality of the products?

Answer is, it's little bit of both, really. The formula of remover does make a difference but the time you actually allow it to work is just as important.
It's best to use non-oil based remover (unless you're dealing with water-proof makeup).
Placing the cotton or pad over your eye and gently pressing and holding into your eye lashes, give the product a good 20-30 seconds to work. Then start wiping in downward motion to remove any left residue.
When it comes to choosing a formula, be sure to steer clear of anything containing sodium lauryl sulphate, as that will irritate the eyes and dry up delicate skin around the eye.

If you want to try homemade eye makeup remover then try these : Extra Virgin Olive oil, Baby oil, Vaseline, Mineral oil, Almond oil and Baby wipes.

What I use : Wash my face and eyes with baby shampoo to remove all sort of makeup.



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