Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Golden Eye Makeup For Raksha Bandhan

I was thinking what should I wear on my eyes on Raksha Bandhan. Then suddenly an idea came on my mind and I started doing it and this is what I got. It's a Golden eye makeup or you can say it's more like golden smokey eye makeup. The look is sexy and glamorous yet softer than the conventional charcoal smokey eye. It's very easy and  suits every skin tone and the golden color will match nearly any outfit you are wearing. I found it very classy with twist of celebrity style.

1) Prepare eye area with foundation and compact, also use primer if you desire.
2) Apply golden eye shadow on eyelid area. 
 3) Then apply copper brown eye shadow on crease as shown in picture below.
 4) Apply black eye shadow with an eyeliner brush on upper lash line and blend all.
 5) Apply liquid eyeliner on upper lash line with a small and thin wing.

 6) Use kajal on water line and secure it with black eye shadow so that it kajal will not smudge or bleed.
7) Highlight with a neutral eye shadow. Add loads of mascara.


  1. i love the eotd! u have beautiful eyes :)

  2. @indianmakeupways
    Thank you sooo much Sweety. Even you have big & beautiful eyes.

  3. I love the look! ur surely talented girl! :D

  4. I like your post on Raksha bandhan. I become very emotional when Raksha Bandha comes because I don't have any sister.

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