Tuesday, September 20, 2011

News On Nails (Newspaper Nail Art)

Today I decided to spice up my nails with something different so tried a very famous and easy nail art which I have seen two-three times during surfing net.

You'll need these things for Newspaper Nail Art :

  • A light shade of nail paint
  • Top coat and base coat.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide ( Tip: Can use any alcohol source that is more liquid ).
  • Of course........, piece of Newspaper. That's it. :)

So here we begin :

1) Apply two coats of nail paint, am using a nude shade of Maybelline Coloroma. You can see in below picture that I've only applied nail paint on only two nails. This is because nail paint dries fast so start with two nails and so on.

2) Open the bottle of hydrogen peroxide and pour it in a cup or anything you prefer. I used the cap of hydrogen peroxide :D. Now when your nail paint is about to dry and still have a bit wetness, that is the time you should dip your nail in hydrogen peroxide for 5 seconds.

3) Take a piece of newspaper and press it on your nail for 10 seconds,  while doing this you can also put 2 or 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide on newspaper.

4) I have also used twitter bird on my nails. :)
5) Give time for your newspaper ink to dry on your nails, before applying topcoat. Do not forget to apply top coat otherwise your work will vanish after few minutes.

This nail art doesn't need to be perfect. If it comes out uneven, a top coat will solve the problem.

Have you ever tried newspaper nail art? How was the experience?


  1. Hey Vertika

    Nice stuff. yes, I tried news paper nail art before. Initially never liked the imperfection but like u said, that's the whole look, right!!!

    nice blog btw, I'm joining it :)
    check my blog, i have some nail art stuff too on it.



  2. nice one vertika...the tweet bird luks luvly dear..
    thnks fr drop'n by my blog..
    follow'n u bac swtz!!!

  3. @Anusha Outfitter
    Thanks a lot Anusha for following me and liking my work.

  4. Love that idea I might just give it a try. Thank you for following my blog yo will now find me on your follow list :)

  5. @kerry
    Thank you so much kerry. Do try it and let me know. :)

  6. Really nice and very trendy. I tried nail art once for a party, it was good but expensive...

  7. thats soo cool!! Love the idea!! and love your nails!! Also love this little twitter bird moving around your page ;) haha


  8. Cool nails!


  9. amazing tip! thaaaaaaaaaaankkss !!

  10. @Saru Singhal
    Thanks a lot Saru. but why expensive>?

  11. @Rania Khalid
    Thanks a bunch Rania. My twitter bird is so mischievious :D Lol.

  12. oO! I love this! I need to get me a color of that nude polish! Looks fab on you! <3

    BTW, passed along an award to you!


  13. okay thats a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing.
    You've got a real sweet blog.
    btw MAC lippie giveaway at my blog.
    Happy blogging gurl!

  14. @jenwoonani
    Thank you so much Jen for these awards. You're such a darling. <3

  15. @jenwoonani
    Thank you so much Jen for these awards. You're such a darling. <3

  16. @Karishma
    Thank you karishma.
    Awesome giveaway dear. <3


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