Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nivea Refreshing Face Wash

Aloha Ladies!
Today I'm reviewing Nivea Visage refreshing face wash. I usually shop for cosmetics from NewU where I find this Nivea Face Wash. I bought it just because I wanted to try something new and SA really forced me to buy this by praising it too much. So here is it finally.

Nivea Visage Refreshing Face Wash Claims - NIVEA VISAGE DAILY ESSENTIALS REFRESHING WASH GEL is a soap free, lightly gel which purifies and invigorates for a fresh skin feeling. To keep normal and mixed skin fresh and supple all day long, its natural moisture balance should be respected even during cleansing.

How it works : Whilst cleansing it is important to respect your skin's natural moisture balance to keep your skin fresh and hydrated all day long.

Its enriched with Vitamins & Natural Lotus Extract, gently yet effectively cleanses your skin:
  • By purifying your skin and removing dirt whilst respecting your skin's own lipids, preventing skin dehydration.
  • The refreshing formula invigorates and hydrates your skin.

The skin is deeply purified for a fresh skin feeling.

How to use : Apply to wet face and neck by gently massaging in small upward circular strokes whilst avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Price : 99/- for 75 ml.

Packaging : It's a transparent tube with white cap. I like it's tube which is very light bluish in color but one can see content from outside. Cap opens with flip like any other normal face wash.
 Texture : It's in gel form and very light blue in color. It's a mild face wash.

My verdict : I like this face wash but my skin is oily-combination and I personally prefer foaming face wash, but this one does not lathers. It's very mild and can be used for daily routine. It cleanses skin very nicely and after using this my face can survive without moisturizer. When I tried to wash it off with normal tap water it took time to leave my skin which irritates me a bit . I think it's best for dry skin and girls who prefer mild face wash which lathers less.
 After rubbing it with water on my hands it looks like this -
Pros :
  • Very nice and pleasant smell.
  • Cleanses face nicely.
  • Very mild. Soap Free.
  • It does not run out of its tube because of its perfect gel form.
  • No need of moisturizer after using this.


  • Lathers a bit. It gives very less foam.
  • Little difficult to wash it off.

Rating : 3 / 5 ( minus 2 because of its two cons ).

I will not recommend it to those who likes foamy face wash like me. :)


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