Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Workplace Makeup

In the workplace things should be professional—in your dress, in your conduct, in your relationship with your coworkers, and in your cosmetic presentation. Professional means more toned down and more understated.
Golden rule is : Less is more.

Eye shadow - Light pinks, golds, and browns are all good shades of eye shadow to wear.
Eyeliner - Should be natural browns and shouldn’t be too dramatic.
Blush - Don’t overdo it and use it to make you look lively rather than scary.
Foundation - To just even out your skin tone. Use concealer if you've dark circles.

Use minimal eye makeup to achieve a professionally flattering look.

If you don't want to use eye shadow then make sure to apply eyeliner and mascara to make your professional statement.
Do not avoid makeup all together, because you want to ensure a polished sophisticated look.
If you don't want to apply eyeliner you can still give an illusion of thick upper lash line HERE.
For hairstyle, a simple chick hairstyle is fine.

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  1. For me, less is always more, Great tip for professionals:)


  2. @Saru Singhal
    Hey Saru! still facing the same problem with blog? plz let me know.


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