Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nina Dobrev Braided Updo

Hello Galz!
I know I haven't posted any hairstyle for a long time. But today I tried a romantic hairstyle which is inspired by Nina Dobrev braided updo.
Okay I'll not take much time talking about her beauty so here is the step by step process -
1) Part your hairs from one side, could be any side of your choice.

 2) Take a small bunch of hairs just before the parting of hair and make a simple braid with that bunch of hairs.
 3) Pin up the end of braid behind the ear so that the bobby pin can be hide.
 4) Now gather all the hairs back and make a medium or low ponytail.
 5) Now scrunch and back comb the every section of hairs in ponytail so that a puffy look or volume can come.
 6) Now twist the ponytail very little and loosely wrap around the hair band. Secure any loose ends with bobby pins.
 You can clearly see the puffiness in my bun. You can make a high or medium bun according to your choice.
Do you like the hairstyle? Follow if you like my work. :)


  1. hey nice post and i will try it and let you know soon.:)

  2. great post I always have a hard time making braids lol

    hope you follow back

  3. Its soo good!! Good that I came to know of your blog. I woulde have missed such good posts


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