Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Different Ways To Apply Eyeliner

By learning to use eyeliner properly, one's appearance can bring out woman's beauty. Eye liner on eyes draw attention to their beauty. When I was a beginner in applying eyeliner, I heard that beginner should use eye pencil but don't know what come to me and I started with liquid eyeliner and now I can apply eyeliner in so many ways. Well it's upto you which you prefer liquid or pencil.

Here are 6 different ways to apply eyeliner according to your mood and occasion.
1- This type gives you a sensational cat eye look. It is drawn thinner at the inner corner and it is drawn thicker on the outer corner of eyes.

2- This is a thick line and  a gentle upward thin line to create the look.

3- Line is more thicker from center of upper lash line to the end of it, create a small thick triangle which just ends along with outer corner of eye.

4- This look suitable for formal or office because this will add emphasis to your eyes and sometimes it's not possible for others to find out your very fine line. It means looks natural sometimes.

5- This is my favorite look. Draw a fine line close to upper lash line and end it just before the corner of eye. You don't have to complete the line to the end of lash line, stop the line just before the end and then lift the line upward.

6- A gentle upward line gives you a youthful look to your eyes.

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