Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Choose The Right Hair Color

So, you want to color your hair?
Hair color sets the stage for your entire look. Matching your hair color to your skin tone is the ultimate way to ensure that your hair color turns out great.
My friend Vini asked me to suggest her the best hair color which suits her best. So, I thought why not post about hair color... :)
First you should know your skin tone, warm or cool? Click here to know about Skin tone.
Once you have established your skin tone you can then use it to find a hair color which bring out the best in your facial features.
Cool Skin Tones -
Cool skin tones are fortunate in that they are able to wear many exciting unnatural colors- lipsticks reds, burgundies and orchids to achieve that new, daring, sexy look.
You should choose colors with the word ash or cool in them, as well as blue, smoke and moon in them.
You should avoid colors with gold, yellow, red and bronze tones as they have tendency to make you look drawn.
Choose Shades such as - Cherry ruby, garnet or burgundy in L'Oreal. You can choose other brands too.

More tips -
Your eyes are blue or green: You can use shades with cool and ash tones, from beige to sandy blondes to brunettes with no red undertones (like plum or burgundy).
Your eyes are hazel : Choose medium brunettes(L'Oreal Medium ash brown) and then add gold highlights.

Warm skin Tones -
Warm skin tones should go for a deep chocolate, rich golden brown, auburn, warm gold, red highlights and golden blonde shades to enhance their sunny look.

Avoid any hair color with the word ash in it.
More tips :
Your eye are hazel, dark brown or black : You can wear the very dark colors including black, medium to dark browns, or golden browns. You can also choose dark reds to bring out highlights in your natural color like wine or shades of auburn.
Your eyes are hazel, blue or green :If your natural color is medium blonde to light brown, try adding golden or light highlights to bring out the best shade for you. Warm medium brunette is the darkest you should go.
If you are a natural light blonde use golden blondes to very light brunettes. If your natural blonde hair has natural red highlights you can use bright red tones or warm reds.

But remember that in the end it is what you want to wear. :)

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