Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

While I was Chatting with my hubby and also watching TV, the lovely "Shalini" a great blogger from New Delhi gave me a One Lovely Blog Award.
Thank you Shalini you are really sweet. I love your blog , your blog have great variety of topics. Do visit her blog - Here. I am so pleased and excited.

Each blogger given the award has to pass it on to other 15 blogs of their favorite and newly discovered blogs and they will pass it on. Do let them know about it.
Link back to the person who passed you the award. Love ya.
Share 7 random things about yourself.

Okay...7 things about myself -
  1. I love makeup, I just eat cosmetics..:D
  2. I am very practical in my life may be it's a sign of being Capricorn.
  3. Whenever I go out like for movies or just for buying home stuffs my eyes always stuck on cosmetics store, no one knows it.
  4. I am really afraid of horror movies. But because my hubby likes it so i have to see it too.
  5. I really don't like doing any work except watching TV and internet surfing.
  6. I love Robert Pattinson..shhh..don't tell anyone.
  7. I watch Twilight every time it comes on TV.

So here are my favorites -

  1. The Chain Nail
  2. Beauty Addict
  3. Cherry Stained Lips
  4. Vanity No Apologies
  5. Ginger Snaps
  6. New Love-Makeup
  7. Makeup,Beauty and More
  8. Words
  9. Taste Of Pearl City
  10. Beauty And The Blog
  11. Cindrella's Expressions
  12. Beauty And Everything Else

Please all of you lovely bloggers accept your awards. :)


  1. I was visiting your blog as I am your follower and I get updates in my Dashboard. First, a big big congratulations to you...:) And second, Is that my blog which is in your favorites? I can't believe this...

  2. Hey congrats n thanks for the award vertu :)
    loved reading bout u..:)

  3. @Saru Singhal
    Even I visit your blog regularly, Thanks and yes it is your blog which is in my favorites, please accept your lovely award.

  4. @bhumika
    Thanks a lot Bhumika :) Please accept your lovely award.. :) Congratulations to u too.

  5. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for nominating me. That's so kind of you :)

  6. thank you sooo much sweety!! and you have got a great blog, really appreciate it.
    ps this girls pic that is coming on your blog is blocking my view. do check if other bloggers are facing this problem to, so you can remove it if it is. :)

  7. @Ginger
    Thanks a bunch Ginger..
    and thank u darling for letting me know about view problem, I've removed it.

  8. Hey Thanks for nominating me for the award! I'll do a post over the weekend :) Have a nice weekend!

  9. Okay Appu..wish you the same.. :)

  10. Hey Vertika thanks a ton for the award :)


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