Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Do You Know Your Skin Tone?

If you wonder why everyone talk about skin tone because they know that knowing your skin tone and applying that knowledge to your cosmetic and clothing selection can bring out best in your appearance.
There are variety of complexions , all complexions fall into two different skin tone categories - Warm or Cool.
These are girls with cool tone - Light, medium & deep.
These are girls with warm tone- Light, medium & deep.

You can find your skin tone by these tests -

Vein test - In a natural light, look at the inside of your wrist, if the vein appears greenish this indicates that you have yellow undertones and have warm skin tone. Veins that appear more bluish indicate a cool skin tone.

Ponytail test - Pull all your hair back away from your face in a ponytail and thoroughly cleanse your face. Place a white towel or cloth around your neck and shoulders, if your face looks more yellow this would indicate a warm skin tone, a bluish reflection indicates cool skin tone.

Silver/Gold test - If you look better in gold your skin tone is warm and if you look better in silver than gold you have cool skin tone.

Genetic natural color of eyes and hair - As a rule of thumb, normally people with blue, green or grey eyes with blond, black or brown hair have cool skin tone. Cool skin tones have pink or rosy undertones. Those people with brown, black or hazel eyes and have black, brown, blond, red or strawberry blond hair have usually warm skin tone and have golden or apricot undertones.

If after doing above tests you are still unable to find out your skin tone, you may fall into neutral skin tone. Neutral skin tone can wear any color and look great.

Hope you'll find your skin tone correctly.



  1. This is very useful post and I am gonna use it to check my skin tone. Thanks

  2. Great tips.This makes me a 'cool' skin type. Thanks for sharing :)
    My latest post:

  3. @Saru Singhal
    Yeah Sure try it to find out your skin tone. :)


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