Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nail Art for Love Day

Hi y’all beautiful ladies..
Today I was free as usual so I tried a simple nail art, which I think would be suitable for valentine’s day.
I know its too late for valentine but you can try it anytime you want.
Things I used -
  • A Toothpick or Zero/liner brush.
  • Red nail paint
  • White nail paint.
  • Transparent nail paint.
Here we go -
1) Apply a coat of transparent nail paint on your nails to give a lustrous look.
2) Then apply a white nail paint on nail tips, yes we are doing French manicure.. :)
french manicure

3) Now place a drop of red nail paint on any paper or magazine and take the toothpick to pick color with it's broader side.
4) Then make heart shape on the left side of nail tip, if you feel its difficult then try any zero/liner brush.
5) After drying your little hearts, again apply a coat of transparent nail paint to secure what you have made.
cute little heart of love
Well its a final look.
Isn’t it simple and cute..
     - XOXO 


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