Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Hairstyle : Twisted Messy Bun

A quick hairstyle, ideal for summer day. It's an easy and cute messy bun. Even if you have bad hair day you can try this and save yourself.

What you'll need -

  • Bobby Pins/Plastic or Wooden Hair Sticks.
  • An elastic band.
  • Hairspray (optional).

Okay, let's begin -
There was a time in my life when I never wanted to style my hair by making a bun. But now I like the way all the hairs tied strongly and stylishly without any crunch. I like the messy way but you can also make tidy bun by using gels or hair spray.
1) Simply make a ponytail, high ,low or medium, it's up to you. I usually make medium ponytail.
2) Now twist your ponytail and start wrapping it around your hair band and secure the ends with bobby pin but if you want to use hair stick like me, just push hair stick in messy hair bun in zig-zag motion.
3) Here I also used one more hair stick in blue to just glam the look.
4) Push the blue hair stick next to pink hair stick diagonally, not in zig-zag motion because for second hair stick it will be difficult to make zig-zag motion.

Hope you all like this very simple hairstyle.



  1. hey that looks so easy n nice..wud d prob is no pins stay in my they are soft..they keep slipping :(

  2. Hiya vertika aka as vertu :) loved you blog title and the catch line, feels like the space of an optimist, nice to get to know you, take care n keep smiling.... well i guess u already are with all those smileys around ya ;)

    p.s. will be following you too.

  3. @bhumika
    Yes Bhumika, same here, that's why I started using hair stick which is comfortable and stays for long too.

  4. @priya
    Thank you so much Priya. :)
    Loved your blog too, but when I tried to check your profile it shows hidden. So I'll find your blog thru my internet history.

  5. Looks lovely. Very bellerina-esque.

  6. You have really nice and shiney locks :)
    I cant try this style with shoulder length hair :(

  7. @Divya
    Thank you sooo much Divya... :)
    aww..I knw making bun will be difficult but still you can style your hair with so many looks..:)


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