Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Small Haul :)

Aloha Ladies!
Today I shop from newU, Fabindia and other shops but got very few things from every store. So I just wanted to share my haul with you  people. Here are the stuff i got. :)

Eye Lash Curler - I desperately wanted an eye lash curler so I asked SA of NewU store for a very good quality curler for lashes she said QVS so I choose a black purple eye lash curler because I love purple color that's why I always choose blindly if it's in purple..hehehe.
When I used it I found it quiet good, it also has 2 spare pads.
Price - 155 - 200 (I don't remember the exact price now)

Lotus Detan Face Pack - I got it for my husband because he got really bad tan but it was useless. SA said it's best but they just want people to buy their products anyhow for that they lie very nicely. I didn't notice any change. So it's totally a no-no product for me.

Coloroma Nail Paint - I brought 2 nail paints of Maybelline in nude shades, one is very light coffee color and other one is light pink. Both are nice shades.
Price - 85/- each.

OxyGlow Neem and Tulsi Face Wash - It's suitable for all skin types which is true because when I tried it didn't feel stretchy or dry.  It is enriched with vitamin E which is again good for skin.
Price - 60/-

Fabindia Papaya Pack - I was actually visited fabindia store for coral glow face pack but they said fabindia has discontinued it for 2-3 months which broke my heart. They showed me some new face packs and I chose papaya face pack because I know what papaya can do for skin is magical, so I brought it home and applied on my face, it stings for 2-3 mins then after 15 mins I washed it. I saw nothing..really it was nothing. I was and still am really unhappy for what fabindia created with papaya extract. My skin looks better after using face wash and this pack doesn't even cleanses my face and I expected miracle from this papaya pack. It's a Big No for me and for any one else.
Price - 175/- for a useless tube.

Lot's of love,


  1. Thanks Bhumika..me too following u..;;D

  2. i am loving your very honest reviews

  3. @ Scoot - Thank you so much dear for liking my honest reviews. :)


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