Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Nail Art

Hello Ladies!
I brought 5 nail paints of Lotus herbals but couldn't get time to use all of them so come up with an idea and I mixed them and make a new nail art. 
Begin with patience because you have to apply each nail paint after drying one by one.

You'll need these,mobile is for clicking your art :)
 Start with one coat of mauve color nail paint.(You can use any color you want,use those color which you don't like much but still have them).
 Then apply berry red nail paint on 2/3 part of your nail as shown in picture below.
 Now I used something different from matt colors, glittered light blue nail paint on tips of nail.
After drying all the nail colors I found it very colorful canvas for my creativity/design.
 So I tried a very simple design on nails with white nail paint with the help of my konad brush.
You can make any design with your imagination and make it your very own new nail art..:)

My fav. Purple V-shirt..:)
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Lots of Love,

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