Friday, July 29, 2011

White Floral-Simple Nail Art

Hello Beauties!!
Nail art takes time and practice. This simple nail art could be done by anyone, specially beginners can try it easily. Making dots in nail art is best for beginners to choose. I did it in few minutes and it's damn easy.

You will need -

  • Two nail paints of different colors, here I have bright red and soft beige.
  • White nail paint
  • Blue nail paint with glitters.
  • A toothpick, here I have paper pin with round head.

1)Paint your all nails with bright red color and after drying it apply soft beige diagonally as you can see in picture below.
2) Put a drop of blue nail paint on a magazine paper and with the help of paper pin's round head apply dots on separation line of nail colors.

3) Make flowers with white nail paint by dotting around the blue dots.

4) I did something different on one nail, same colors but different design.



  1. Beautiful, I wish you could paint my nails like this...I don't think I can do it neatly as you have done..

  2. @Saru Singhal
    Thanks Saru. I'l definitely paint your nails but you have to come my home or I have to come your abode. :D
    And try it and then tell me bcoz I believe you can do much much better dear. :)


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