Friday, July 15, 2011

Mehndi Tattoos

Bonjour Ladies!
We all women know that Mehndi is world-wide famous and usually worn by women to beautify themselves.
Foe functions and weddings we just can't stay away from it. Nowadays Mehndi designs on hands and feet transformed into tattoos on shoulder, back side of neck and anywhere we want. 

So I tried a butterfly tattoo on my side of foot and my husband also gave it a try.

back side tattoo..

Tattoo on his arm.
 I also make my husband to try my name on his arm and he smiled and said okay.. :)
Do you like my tattoo?
Have you tried Mehndi tattoo before?


  1. cho hubby wouldn't have done this:(

  2. @anamika
    yes Ana my hubby is really sweet,he did this for me. But that day my hubby was in damn good mood for tattoos so I took advantage of it..hehehe..


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