Thursday, July 28, 2011

Easy Fishtail Braid

Sometimes called the herringbone, a fishtail braid is yet another twist on the traditional plait. I think this style is easier to learn on someone else's hair. It's a very easy braid, though it can be difficult to start. Patience is always useful when dealing with braids.

This fishtail braid looks gorgeous on highlighted hairs. Which I am gonna try soon. :D
Grab comb, clip and elastic and start this simple beach braid -
1) Using a comb part your hair to a side you are comfortable with. Gather hair at the nape of your neck divide into two equal sections and hold tight with one section on each hand.

2) Take a very small piece of hair from the outer side of the section on your right and overlap it with the one on the left. For more intrinsic braid, keep these overlapping sections small.
Tip : If you have heavy layers in your hair use a hair gel and dab a little on every tiny section.
3) Do the same with the other section of your hair and continue till you reach end of your hair.
4) You can secure your back hair with bobby pins or you can leave it like me. :)
5) Secure the braid with a hair elastic. And you are ready with your perfect beach look.
Hope you guys like it. :)



  1. We love it Vertika, keep sharing your ideas...

  2. I like this hairstyle and I often do it...

  3. @Saru Singhal
    Thank you so much Saru.. it really meant a lot. :)

  4. @bhumika
    Thanks Bhumi.. :) hope you don't mind me shortening your name..:)

  5. @Sneha Sunny
    Hey Sneha! Thank you for liking it.

  6. You have really nice lock, and loved the look :)


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