Thursday, December 15, 2011

Natural & Morning Makeup Look

Hello Everyone!

Whether you are a working women, mother of children and stay home mom, student or business women who have little or no-time in the morning to put on the makeup then this post is for you.

So here is wake up and make up routine -
1. After cleansing and moisturizing your skin you're going to start right away with concealer.

  • Start applying your concealer under your eyes and top of your eye lids (This is a very important step).
  • Applying concealer under your eyes helps to eliminate dark circles and really helps to brighten up face.
  • Applying concealer on top of eyelids helps to hide any redness and the very important step to your flawless face.
2. Then, the easiest and quickest way to even out your skin tone is by applying pressed powder.
  Apply pressed powder all over your face takes 2 seconds (But if you really need foundation then use it and then apply pressed powder).
3. Next is bronzer, the easiest way to apply bronzer is in 3 motion. You should start by targeting the forehead, cheeks and then chin and of course a light sweep down the middle which covers the nose area to neck.

4. Now choose any eyeliner pencil charcoal, blue, green any color which makes you happy. :)
  • But make sure of using soft eyeliner pencil for easy application. Now apply eyeliner on your eyelid by upper lash line.
  • Make the line a bit thicker than you normally make. So don't worry about being perfect. This is the easiest part!
  • Next take a Q- tip, your finger or smudging brush to gently blend the eyeliner. It will act as eye shadow and eyeliner. All in one.

5.  Last but definitely not the least, you can never forget mascara. Just apply a few coats of deep black and volumizing mascara.

6. Next is the quick sweep of blush, I love blush, huge fan because this gives an extra oomph to brighten up face. You have to start by smiling then apply a light coral or pink blush on apple of your cheeks.

with flash
without flash

7. And the last one is lip gloss or lipstick of your choice and you are ready to go!

How fast and easy was that. This is totally something you can do every morning and only takes 5 mins.

    Would YOU try this look?



    1. Love the look. You have such flawless skin!!

    2. @ Nivedita - Thanks a bunch sweety.

    3. awesome <3 <3 i do the smudging thing most of the time...:D apt for lazy bones like me ;)

    4. @ Jyoti - thanks a ton Jyoti. <3 :d

    5. Nice post! Love the lip color you are pretty!

    6. yes i would love to try this look....its simple fast and easy.....<3

    7. i'm not really good at putting make-up on my face..thanks for the tips! :)

    8. Harshleen Kaur Chhabra - Thank you so mush harshleen. The lip color is of oriflame.

      Makeu chic - Ya. It's simple and quick.

      Lily - Pleasure is mine dear.

      Divya - thanks a ton dear.

    9. very actually have amazing skin :)

    10. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he enjoyed it as well!

      Faye of Get Rid of Dark Circles

    11. @ Faye Curtiz - Glad to know you & your friend liked it. :)

    12. These are very cute makeup tips photos

      Actress Makeup


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